Jo Laurie Design

Architectural Interior Design Studio


Our approach to residential projects is geared towards reflecting a client’s personal preferences & lifestyle. The scope of works for residential projects has varied greatly over the years. Amongst the many variables on a project, factors such as whether the client owns the property, budget and time scale all come into play.

We aim to maximize the potential of each location and relate the design concept to the desired clientele, as per the client’s brief. Each new interior is an imaginative departure from more predictable interpretations, while still respecting the functionality of the space. We do not adopt a “cookie-cutter” formula to design, we are in tune with the cultural zeitgeist.

Working in close harmony with clients and their management teams has resulted in all our commercial ventures being highly financially successful. From the perspective of design, it is essential to include the ability to evolve and embrace the new, while identifying key design elements of the past that convey the nature of the corporate brand.

Over the past 20+ years, the Jo Laurie Design team has an extensive portfolio of works located globally including in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States. The exposure to varying cultural landscapes resulted in unique and inventive interiors with cosmopolitan design dynamics that are entertaining to the eyes.