Charm of Themed Interiors

Recent interior renovations and refurbishments have pretty much been monopolized by either the industrial style or modern and contemporary styles. Intricate and decorative details are no longer popular, simplicity became highly welcomed. However, most of the people remain to be wowed by the older styles, it may be because there is a sense of antiquity, we don’t know. Today we look back into some very unique interiors of the old styles.

The elaborate vaulted ceiling of the cathedral is supported by a series of tall columns which branches to support the load, mimicking the tree trunks of a forest. This is my personal favorite, the abstract geometric shapes on the ceilings looks like flowers to me.


Photo by Carlos Martin/flickr


Covered with cavernous and skeletal structure, the bar’s interior design is based on a fossilized, prehistoric beast, giving visitors the experience of being transported into the remains of a mutated future civilization.


Photo by Andy Davies/Museum HR Giger

This one is not very old but it still has that wow factor! A space-themed room with a capsule bunk-bed and a queen-sized bed. It is highly designed using neon colored lights to give it an outer space ambiance.


Photo by Fantasyland Hotel

Our studio have also done similar kinds of interiors many years ago, though mostly commercial spaces. They are located in New York (USA), Sydney (Australia) and London (UK) respectively.


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