Located in downtown Manhattan, Jo Laurie Design has been operating in the USA and internationally for 20 years and has developed an extensive portfolio of award-winning projects. Each new project is an imaginative departure from more predictable interpretations, while still respecting the functionality of each space and client goals. CEO Jo Laurie approaches each client’s new project based on their unique needs. 

Jo began her design career in New York City’s fashion industry, designing and establishing her own fashion and accessories label and selling to stores such as Barney’s and Bergdorf Goodman. After finding her eye for design and developing a distinct and unique style, she began her work in interior design. Jo’s work has been featured in major publications, including Vogue and the London Evening Standard. Born in England, Jo’s early years were spent in Australia, Africa and Asia. She has dual citizenship in USA and UK.

Through her international lifestyle, Jo incorporates a more inventive sense of design, integrating very cosmopolitan design dynamics with practical design solutions. Jo's design philosophy is geared toward approaching each project uniquely based on the client’s design needs, the scope of work, budget and timeframe. Her projects are as diverse as boutique hotels and restaurants, to pied-a-terre and beachfront properties. She has also designed large scale projects such as the Discovery Channel Offices, a 4 story new construction home in Brooklyn, and award-winning bars and restaurants worldwide. 

The company's capabilities extend beyond conventional design needs, as Jo and her team can take on any new design challenge with a fresh and practical approach. Their goal is to supersede their clients' design expectations and to bring their vision to life.