How To Better Present Your Home

Staging lets your home speak to possible buyers. The goal is not to completely transform your home but rather to accentuate it in the best light. The objective is to sell your home at the optimum price without turning it into a “sterile un-atmospheric beige box”. The process, although inconvenient and somewhat unsettling at first as you watch your belongings being moved, stored or replaced, completely proves to be worth it when your home sells at the highest price. Here are some tips you can follow to make your space presentable:

1. Clean your space and declutter your things. 

Nobody likes a dirty or messy apartment, make sure your closets are organized and not overcrowded to maximize the feeling of space. Having open spaces will make your home look larger and more spacious than it actually is.

2. Present complimentary accessories. 

Put a few books in the living room and have a bowl of fruits, flowers, or scented candles on the dining table to spice up your home. We are trying to sell livable space, and not only the home itself.

3. Open up those shades to let the lights in. 

Increased natural light makes your space look more open, and if you have an awesome view, those windows can show it off as well so make sure your windows are clean.

4. Hire a professional photographer. 

They have the skills and experience necessary to best display your home into a 2D image. Good photographers will also advise you on what looks good and what’s not helping, all to better present your home.

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Don’t have the spare time to prepare for presenting your home?

Find a professional to help you! Jo Laurie Design provides a variety of staging packages tailored to all budgets. The process of staging is a crucial and powerful step in expediting the exasperating process of selling your home and getting the most for it. Especially in New York where space is so valuable, it is imperative to showcase the space’s potential. Using the client’s furniture, we make sure to take advantage of the resources present and give it a personal yet neutral tone that helps other people visualize living in your home. We consider staging to be the bridge between the attachment you have with your home and the process of emotionally disengaging before the future sale. It is about showing your home’s potential so that other people can envision themselves making a home out of the space. In more present colloquial terms, while staging, it is necessary to keep in mind that what sparks joy to the homeowners might not spark joy to the buyers. So, we will use our expertise to harmonize the space that exists and the space that it could become. Contact us for more info.