Living Alone Bliss

According to a recent New York Times article, “1 in every 4 American households is occupied by someone living alone; in Manhattan the number is nearly 1 in 2.” From one who has worked on many apartments in the city, this number comes as no surprise. In Manhattan, our single clients’ apartments run the gamut from studio/one bedrooms to townhouses and penthouses.

For those more spatially challenged, the modern Murphy bed could be a great design solution. Clients who like to entertain in smaller apartments, but aren’t keen on having guests sit on their bed, favor this option. Forget about losing precious art space - the new generation of Murphy beds are not mounted on the wall, but on the ceiling! 

murphy bed

For those lucky clients with extra space in their apartment, single living can accommodate whatever your lifestyle dictates, whether you dream of a meditation room or a cigar room.

A meditation room tends to be more of a tranquil environment than a traditional home gym and is a personal refuge.

Cigar rooms are also a great addition to the quintessential bachelor pad. They often incorporate a bar area or library to create a luxurious and sophisticated space.

 cigar room

Bottom line: living alone has a lot more to be said for it than just getting full access to the remote control. If you want to paint a wall dark blue or buy a lime green couch, you wouldn’t have to run it by a spouse or roommate. Whether you have a small or large space, it’s yours to customize. From a design standpoint you have total control - how many areas of your life can you say that about?