Welcome To Jo Laurie Design



The interior spaces which Jo designs often reflect her experiences while traveling or living in cities around the world. Her university training took place in UK and her formative years were spent in Australia, Africa and Asia; this has enabled her to incorporate a younger, more inventive sense of design. Since arriving in New York Jo has been based in downtown Manhattan. Initially she established various fashion companies under her own label, and went on to become a recognized fashion and prop stylist, before moving into the world of interior design. 

Her projects have ranged from specialized hospitality, high-end residential and commercial undertakings. Jo Laurie Design LLC has been operating internationally for over 15 years, and has developed an extensive portfolio of award winning projects and has been published in the USA, London, and Australia.

Jo’s portfolio represents a small sampling of the many and varied projects on which she has worked.  Each project is unique and tailored to a client’s desired ‘look’ and budget. Jo makes each new interior an imaginative departure from traditional norms, while still respecting the functionality of the space, but always with a stylish quirkiness.